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The Luxury Concierge Service in Costa Rica



Concierge Services

Our exceptional concierge service will give you a precious gift - the luxury of time, relaxation and enjoyment. And as our precious guest, our service is always the best of all!

Our specialists in advisory services will respond to every need and every desire. From world class accommodations, entertainment, luxury real estate, investment opportunities, luxury cars, helicopter rides, yachts and private jets, VIP access, chefs and personal assistance, excursions and adventures. Our staff prides itself on providing its clients with personalized, attentive service, all in the strictest confidence.

We will always try to make sure you get what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. All with the quality you deserve!



Personal Assistance.

A personal assistant to help and facilitate you throughout your stay in Costa Rica.


Hotel & Rent Property.

We can assist you in reserving the best accommodation for your vacation.


Restaurant & Clubs.

We will help you select the best international food restaurants and Costa Rican food.


Golf Courses.

Take a few hours to marvel at the golf courses overlooking the ocean, volcanoes and beaches.


Events & Entertainment.

You will enjoy the most beautiful weddings, honeymoons and the most fun parties with us.


Rent a Car.

We offer you the best rental car service under the best conditions and prices in the country.


Helicopter Ride.

The most wonderful walk of your life visiting volcanoes and beaches from the heights.


Others Concierge Services.

We are here to advise you and make your stay in Costa Rica pleasant, we offer many services, just contact us!