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The greenest, most exotic, friendly, happy and PURA VIDA country in the world!

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, located between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, famous for the friendliness of its people and most diverse wildlife on the planet, is considered one of the most ecologically conscious countries on earth. In fact, Costa Rica was ranked as high as no. 5 in the world on the Environmental Performance Index, the best country outside of Europe (although it’s failed on the list since then). Still, Costa Rica is considered the best eco-tourism destination in the world.

The most diverse wildlife on the planet

There are more than 130 species of fish, 220 of reptiles, 1,000 butterflies, 9,000 plants, 20,000 species of spiders and 34,000 species of insects in Costa Rica. That represents approximately 5% of the world's biodiversity even though it is only 0.03% of the earth's total land mass. Costa Rica is also known for its sloths, birds, sharks, frogs, whales, and turtles, which can be seen in protected habitats and beaches. But if you are more lover of monkeys, hummingbirds, lizards,manta rays or exotic birds, Costa Rica will be your favorite place! In fact, the country became the first country for recreational hunting in America..
In both oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) Costa Rica has many of the best places for diving, snorkeling, and accessible marine life in the world, such as such the Cocos Island National Park (also a World Heritage Site), and the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refugee. In fact, Costa Rica’s oceans are home to at least 6,777 species, which is 3.5% of the known marine species on the planet!
Costa Rica's biodiversity is attributed to dramatic changes in its geography and relief: this small country has two oceans, wetlands, mountains, waterfalls, valleys, rivers, arid plains and more than 120 volcanoes of which there are currently 5 active. Here you can find many different types of forests, including tropical dry forests, rain forests, rain forests, and cloud forests.

The famously Green Nation

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Is Costa Rica still the happiest place on earth?

Travel agencies and tour groups – within Costa Rica and without – have continued to dub Costa Rica the “Happiest Country on Earth”, which would seem a ridiculous notion, were it not for the fact that there is a Happiness Research Institute which tracks such things, and Forbes Magazine just published their official Happiness findings for 2019. The study which crowns Costa Rica in first place is the Happy Planet Index, the second year in a row Costa Rica has won first place. HPI examines sustainable happiness on a national level, evaluating 140 countries on three criteria: how happy its citizens are, how long they live, and how much of the planet’s resources they consume. Canada ranked #7, and US #18, for comparison.
But wait, there’s another study. The World Happiness Report for 2019 ranks 156 countries based on six factors: Gross domestic product (GDP), life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom, and corruption. In this study, Costa Rica ranks #12, up from #13 last year. Canada ranks #9, and US #19. The World Happiness Report is the more detailed of the two studies. It was begun by the United Nations in 2012, as a report on “Wellbeing and Happiness: Defining a New Economic Paradigm”. In the 2019 UN report, Finland has won Happiest Country in the World, for two years in a row.

More than 71 years without an army

Costa Rica is one of the few countries in the world that doesn't have an army. In fact, the abolition of the Costa Rican military was drafted into the country's constitution in 1949! However, the country does have an interesting military history. Come with me to learn more about how Costa Rica abolished its military presence. Costa Rica went through a very big change almost 70 years ago, and things have never been the same since. On the first of December in 1948, the then President of Costa Rica, José Figueres Ferrer, declared the end of the military spirit in his country. This decision was made after a violent civil war stemmed in politics. This military abolition was added to the Costa Rican Constitution in Article 12 in 1949.

Surfing in two oceans!

With miles of coastline on two oceans, it’s no wonder that surfing is a popular sport in Costa Rica, and that never ending search for the perfect wave draws enthusiasts the world over. Whether looking for right or left breaks, Costa Rica’s perfect blends of geography and wind have created prime conditions to satisfy every taste. Costa Rica Beaches had become one of the most popular surf spots in the central Pacific area. Costa Rica is the perfect place to spend vacations: relax, enjoy nature and do what you do best, surf!
The Pacific coast has over 40 mapped surf beaches, offering up waves suitable for beginners , advanced surfers and profesionals, depending on the location. The beaches in northern Guanacaste are said to be a Mecca for experienced surfers, due to the strong windy. Roca Bruja (Witch’s Rock), Potrero Grande, Playa Naranjo and Plava Negro are a few spots to catch some strong, excellent waves. Further south, but still in the north pacific region, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa, Manzanillo and Nosara —among others— are said to have great breaks.
International competitions in Costa Rica are becoming more and more popular. For long board enthusiasts, every June the annual Rabbit Kekai Long boards Classic and the Women’s World Long board Championships takes place on the Pacific Coast’s Boca de Barranca. Said to be on one of the longest breaks in the world, this competition will bring over 500 surfers from every corner of the globe, representing 3 generations of enthusiastic participants.

99% Renewable Energy

Costa Rica will add more than 99% of renewable generation at the end of the year, it will derive from the five national sources –water, wind, geothermal, biomass and sun–, according to data from the National Center for Energy Control (CENCE).
The numbers do not deceive, the amount of electricity that Costa Rica produces from sustainable sources is brutal, however the country has outlined a new challenge: stop using fossil fuels entirely. The government has taken it seriously and has set out to use 100% renewable energy by 2021.