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Palo Verde National Park. (175)
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Palo Verde National Park

Palo Verde National Park is located on 45,500 acres of land that are protected by law, and its wetlands have been declared internationally important by the Ramsar Convention. Palo Verde is part of a geographical unit know in Spanish as “Las Bajuras del Tempisque” (the lowlands of the Tempisque River). This area is crossed by rivers and a line of limestone hills. The flooding of the wetlands as a result of the poor drainage, the rains, and the high tides coming in from the Tempisque and Bebedero rivers, give the National Park its valuable characteristics. By traveling through this river on a motor boat, you’ll find around 12 different types of habitats, including four different species of mangrove trees, 55 aquatic plants and 150 species of trees, like the one from which the Park’s name is taken: Palo Verde, a shrub with leafy branches and a pale green trunk. The area boasts the largest numbers of aquatic birds in the Mesoamerican region from September to May. These birds gather at the lagoons and around different areas of the National Park. A couple of the most important ones are the Jabirus and the Scarlet macaw, both of which are endangered species. This is just one of the reasons why a large group of people are working hard towards trying to recover their populations.

What's included

All our tours are private, that allows to provide a better service and the opportunity to teach and show more of our country Costa Rica.

  • Private Transportation.
  • Bottle of waters.
  • Lunch.
  • Boat Ride.
  • Certified Tour Guide on the boat.
  • Entrance to the National Park.
  • Insurance.
  • You can add to your tour:
  • + Coco Beach Town (You can shop).
  • + Guaitil Craft Market.
  • + Visit a Small Coffe Plantation and tasting.


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