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The greenest, most exotic, friendly, happy and PURA VIDA country in the world!.

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The greenest, most exotic, friendly, happy and PURA VIDA country in the world!.


Traveling to Costa Rica during Covid-19: Entry Requirements, Protocols and What to Expect?

With the beginning of the coverage of borders around the world, travel as we know it has certainly changed quite a bit. But what is it like to travel to Costa Rica during Covid-19? With a few key changes, patience, and extra precautions, we believe that visitors can still experience what makes this country exceptional. Beautiful beaches, green mountains, diverse wildlife, volcanoes, dreamy sunsets, and caring people. In this post, we will share what you need to know when traveling to Costa Rica during Covid-19. We will cover entry requirements, airport protocols and inform you what to expect in hotels, restaurants, tours, and more.

First of all, who can enter Costa Rica?

Costa Rica reopened its airport borders only to certain countries and states of the United States as of August 1. See the sections below for the full list.

Approved Countries

As of August 12, tourists from the following countries can travel to Costa Rica:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Cypriot Republic
  • Czech Republic
  • Federal Republic of Germany
  • French Republic
  • Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Hellenic Republic (Greece)
  • Ireland
  • Italian Republic
  • Japan
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Kingdom of Norway
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Kingdom of Thailand
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Portuguese Republic
  • Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Principality of Monaco
  • Republic of Austria
  • Republic of Bulgaria
  • Republic of China
  • Republic of Croatia
  • Republic of Estonia
  • Republic of Finland
  • Republic of Hungary
  • Republic of Iceland
  • Republic of Korea
  • Republic of Latvia
  • Republic of Lithuania
  • Republic of Malta
  • Republic of Poland
  • Republic of San Marino
  • Republic of Singapore
  • Republic of Slovenia
  • Republic of Uruguay
  • Romania
  • Slovak Republic
  • Swiss Confederation
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • Vatican State

The government has clarified that tourists without a passport from one of these countries can enter Costa Rica through a flight from a permitted country under certain circumstances. Specifically, they must quarantine in the permitted country for at least 14 days, without showing symptoms, before departing for Costa Rica. Upon arriving in Costa Rica, the immigration official will ensure that the passenger did not make only a stopover in the permitted country.

Approved US States

The government announced on August 19 and 27 that tourists from the following US states can enter Costa Rica starting in September:

  • Connecticut (September 1)
  • Maine (September 1)
  • Maryland (September 1)
  • New Hampshire (September 1)
  • New Jersey (September 1)
  • New York (September 1)
  • Vermont (September 1)
  • Virginia (September 1)
  • Washington, DC (September 1)
  • Colorado (September 15)
  • Massachusetts (September 15)
  • Pennsylvania (September 15)

Visitors from the US will be subject to an additional requirement to verify that they are residents of an approved state. See the Entry Requirements section, below, for more information.

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